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About us

Who is Heritran

Hi there, I'm Tran Quang Hung and every one oftens call me as Tran, Heri or Heri Tran. Tran is my family's name and Heri comes from the Heritage. 

I still remember when I was working at Ford, I was very impressed when I first saw the picture Henry Ford was standing infont of his car Model T. I was really fascinated by the sincerity in the photo reminds me a lot intersting things and made me fall inlove with classic cars from that moment.I started to care about classic cars. I spend time, money and effort to find, collect and restoring classic cars.
Besides being known as a classic cars collector, restorer and rental provider, HeriTran was also being known in the film about history, as well as short movies meaningful contemporary humanities.
In the long term, we will restore the classic cars as well as to build up the unique antique cars with high quality and satisfy customer needs.

 Our Missions
To conserve, promote and increase the value.
 Our Visions
Restoration of antique vehicles and manufactured to satisfy the needs of customers, while providing high quality classic cars services.
Our Values
Trust, positive thinking and creative thinking are the foundation to make up the core values help us to preserve, promote and increase the values.
Our Liabilities
As patriotic citizens, are responsible for ourselves, with family, communities and the humanities.
  Heri Tran, Living for Tomorrow

Customer comments
Very admired a car lover loves cars more than loves himself. I am a OTK ...
Video Collection
Heri Tran Mobile Bar broascated by VTC
Heri Tran Mobile Bar broascated by VTC

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