Heri Tran does not sell what he has and what other people need but value added
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Heri Tran does not sell what he has but value added
During the centralized economy, people always sell what they have and when the economy changes, the market mechanism to change from single switch to sell what the customer needs. In today's society, with the goal of economic development, all resources are employed to prioritize this goal, we have moved from selling what you have to sell what the market needs, but Heri Tran not only do not sell what he have, as well as the market need. So, what Heri Tran sale? Please answer that Heri Tran's business value.

It seems confused you and I guarantee you will think it is not suitable in any situation, but in fact it took place in a natural way and are pleased to share with you the following little story to Evidence for the above.

As you may aware that Heri Tran founded the café Heritage Classic Car at 545 Lac Long Quan, Hanoi. Of course, in addition to coffee, Heri Tran offers a number of other related items such as tobacco.

One 1st of December, 2012 afternoon, a group of customers came to the Heritage Classic Car cafe and one requested for a pack of 555 imported cigarette. Heri Tran apologized and deny it, and say that in the Heritage Cafe only sale of tobacco produced in the country. No surprise visitor asked why Heri Tran not sell what the customer needs? Heri Tran took a very fresh smile and calmly that we not only sell what the customer needs, we also do not sell what we have.

The answer of Heri Tran makes its guests and other guests quite surprised and expressed curiosity, understanding that, Heri Tran would like to serve done and come back to the interpretation of the story.

After completing the job, Heri Tran overflow back to the visitor's table and start with a specific example of that as you can see, the Heritage Cafe coffee sold has been processed and each filter on each cup when customer demand and Heri Tran not sell raw materials as well as the coffee was coffee available is bottled. In another example that people are not surprised when Heri Tran said that only sell cow's milk, not cow milk, ... guide people to his classic cars, Heri Tran said, I do not sell my classic cars collection but the car service stock ... and all customers present in bulk Heritage Cafe at the time of applause, with other guests sat at the table stood up happily handshake Heri Tran tightly.

Heri Tran thanks everyone and said You were here to drink, and enjoy the peace, the last fun of people is also the added value that Heri Tran really want to provide to the customers because life is sharing, Heri Tran added.

Heri Tran, Living for tomorrow.

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Very admired a car lover loves cars more than loves himself. I am a OTK ...
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Heri Tran Mobile Bar broascated by VTC

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