Thanks Letter
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Thanks Letter
Dear all of you , First of all , let’s allow me on behalf of The Heri Tran family would like to send our most sincere thanks and appreciations to all of you, the elders, seniors, veterans, distinguished guests , the ladies and gentlemen who has attend the congratulate and celebrate with us as to the success of the opening of the Sunday Classic Cars Exchange Bureau at HeriTran Classic Cars Cafe - West Lake Park , Hanoi .

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentelemen ,

For us , on 08/9/2013 is a memorable big day , opening a playground healthy , positive and useful for everyone on all days of the week , especially on the Sunday Classic Cars at HeriTran Cafe - Park West Lake , Hanoi .

This event marks an important milestone for the enthusiasts , especially those who appreciate and cherish the old values ​​that classic car is one of the artifacts have been preserved us , and to promote their potential values

On this occasion , we would like to express our sincere thanks to the elders, seniors, veterans, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen were generally happy to join us :

Leadership Representatives of the Ha Noi Entertainment Services Company,
Leadership Representative of the Mercedes Benz Garage - Van Tan ,
Leaders of the Metropole Hotel Hanoi ,
Group Leaders of Roxy , the Movenpick Hotel Hanoi ,
Leaders of Corporate Travel Asia Trails, ...

Sincere thanks to the support and actived participation of individuals and groups :

Bike Club Then and now
Solex Club Hanoi
Moped Club Hanoi
Vespa Club Hanoi
CD Club,
Socialist Motocycle Club ,
Hanoi Classic Car Club ( The Beetle – Volkswagen Group )
The Northern Jeep Association , ...

Special thanks to our sponsors: Vinamilk and Saigon Beer Company ... has partnered with us to make this event completed.

In particular , we really appreciate the enthusiastic support of a classic car players in Saigon did not prevent his distant roads to particiated to the program .

Again, we thank you very much for the honor you have participated and helped us to complete this event . In the confusion , nothing negligence , we expect to release and looking toward a healthy playground and positive development , constantly promote and increase the value of the old thing in general and classic cars in particulary.

With very best regards ,

Heri Tran

Following are some photos had been made by my own at the event.


Feeling of the Visitors



The elders, seniors, veterans ...

CLB xe dap sua va nay

Old bicycles
Những chiếc Xe Đạp Xưa và Nay

Những chiếc Moped Cổ

Old Honda CD
Những chiếc CD cổ

Classic Cars




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