Opening The Sunday Classic Cars Exchanges
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Opening The Sunday Classic Cars Exchanges Bureau
With the goal of building a cultural space and in order to promote the cultural values ​​and traditions to create a level playing field positive, rewarding brought joy to many people, Heri Tran officially opened The Sunday Classic Car Exchange and would like to invite unions, organizations and individuals involved to attend the program and sharing experiences.
Being located in the West Lake Water Park, but The Car Stock exchanges entirely separate from the park, in a closed space of about 800m2, including campus indoor and outdoor (can extend thousands of m2 , depending on demand)

The opening and launched The Classic Cars Exchanges have been cherished for so long and received active support of many people.
The operational of The Classic Cars Exchanges not only create a positive playing space for every one who are passionate about sharing that evoked pride of ancient cultural traditions, in order to preserve and promote the its values, while promoting increased activity with quality service, and bring a positive impact to the community.

Start Time: 9:00 am, September 8, 2013 and on every Sunday afterwards

Location: West Lake Park, 612 Lac Long Quan Street, Tay Ho District, Ha Noi

Purpose: display, introduction, exchanges, classic cars, classic bikes, classic motor bikes ...

Participants: unions, organizations and individuals wishing to advertise, display, introduction and exchanges classic cars, bikes and motor bikes.

Fee: currently we do not charge any fees related to the exchanges, however, we do not reject any generous contributions of everyone to contribute to make the better playgrounds.


Sunday at West Lake Water Park

The space of The Sunday Classic Cars Exchanges is divided into 04 main areas, including:

(I) The display indoor center with an area of ​​200m2;

(Ii) The display outdoor for classic cars on the left side about 500m2;

(Iii) The display outdoor for bicycle, moped, motorcycle on the right side about 300m2;

(Iv) The general services approximately 200m2. Parking outside the campus, very convenient for visitors.

With the aim of creating a positive playground fun for everyone, organizer will spend most of the space for unions, organizations and individuals to bring classic bikes, classic motocycles, classic cars REGISTERED to display, introduction and exchange shared passion.

The rights and obligations of the participants

Participants exhibited, referrals and free exchange of their REGISTED classic bike, classic motocycles, classic cars.

Participants shall ensure and be responsible for the origin, quality, price ... of vehicles, classic cars brings The Sunday Classic Cars Exchange.

Participants has to right to reverse free your classic car does not exceed an operational version of The Classic Cars Exchanges.

The following questions will partly answer some of the questions you

1. 1. Those who participate The Sunday Classic Cars Exchanges?

Everyone, just sign up and provide the relevant information (participant name, address, phone number, name of media participation, year of manufacture, condition, price ... ) throughout

2. 2. May I participate The Sunday Classic Cars Exchange if I am not in Ha Noi?

Yes, you can ask your friends and relatives to bring classic car or send us by courrier. In case you want to exchange certain products but can not reach it, we will help you by sending you pictures and details to help you to make sure the transaction.

3. 3. May I bring antique vehicles, classic cars prior to The Classic Cars Exchanges operating?

Yes, you can.

4. 4. What will I gain when joining The Sunday Classic Cars Exchanges?

Many peolpe will know you and your vehicles. It can be posted on the official website if you were agreed.

5. 5. What fees should I have to pay to participate?

Currently, we do not require you to pay any charges or fees.

6. 6. How can I participate?

You can sign up to participate in


SMS phone: 0933119933

7. 7. When enrolling booth, in addition to providing the personal information, what information would I have to provided?

You need to provide information about the area needs booth, product information, including country of origin, year of manufacture, product status, pricing and other papers encluded.

8. 8. May I join auiliary booths but I have no means of lottery or classic cars?

You can register for booths with products related to antique vehicles and antique cars.

9. 9. In case of need or assitance services, who should I contact?

You can contact us at


Phone: 0933119933

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