Recorded from a trip
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Recorded from a trip
On the occasion of Vietnamese caravan discover the North East of the country, we, the members of the Heritage Classic Car Cafe were fortunate to welcome them to visit and sharing the experience. Although this is the first time we met, but we seem familiar for a long time. Let me share a few comments of the Head of the delegation that had been shared on the forum:
"Vehicles have to be a work of art?" I borrow a topic of Heri Tran to chat

Will depend on the people's perception of art, but I think products are made from human minds and hands are art and there was an invitation to visit to make a storyThe story of a group of people came from everywheredifferent agesocial statusoccupation,hobbies are different they have together overcome the dangerous journey North East from Ha Noi to Lung Cu, Ha Giang turned around Bac Can and back to Ha Noi in a winter afternoon with waving monsoon rain

Cot co Lung Ku

The Southern guests with trips gone beyond the normal trip or select the type of tourtourismresortA week has passed with manystylesmany types of foodthe type of holiday with a lot of senseThe last day of their journey back and to the Heritage Classic Car Cafe


party brought many sense longing militaryreunionassociationetc. of your peopleThe owner was attentive to what the spirit ofthe West LakeEnjoy the east the sky with rain-lined open space dust


The a far guests were invited to the antique car owners and the owners driving the folks walking around the West Lake HanoiEach person will have their own feelings, about Hanoian, space of Ha Noi


Please try gentleman with a sense of six Cylinders Citroen Traction Avant


And the lady may probably chose this Vintage car to see Ha Noi at night

Owner and guests all have the lived hardmomentsfighting hard to bring together the emotions and experiences interesting anddifficult to describebut it's hard to forget "Singers and musicians are adventure ..audience ... xieu (crooked) "...



Hanoi was beautiful in the eyes of distant guests.!

Dzung Tran - Vespa Langbat

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