Heri Tran Mobile Bar Cafe officially operation in Ha Noi
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Heri Tran Mobile Bar Cafe officially operation in Ha Noi
After a period of preparation, Heri Tran has officially launched Mobile Bar Cafe. It was not a new idea, but methods of operation and the way we did are completely new.
The idea of creating an unique service for tourists and the community, enriching cultural capital, attracting the attention of visitors to Hanoi, and strengthen cooperation to promote tourismculture and ancient car rental service providers to visit Hanoi, ...Heri Tran has turned his old Volkwagen minibus into a Mobile Bar Cafe

Mobile Bar Cafe operation every Saturday and Sunday in the Con Coc Garden, beside the Metropole Hotel Hanoi and the at the festivals and events in Hanoi.

From Mobile Bar Cafe look down to the Con Coc Garden

The Mobile Bar Cafe looks as a normal car, it is a VW mini bus car was produced in 1972 and is one of the rare remaining in Vietnam. However, inside it is a small Bar Cafe, just enough for 6 to 8 people comfortably sitting enjoying coffee in a cozy and airy space. Coffee here is prepared according to the stages in the Heritage Classic Car Cafe.

Especially in this service is only active mobile cafe in the weekend including Saturday and Sunday in the Con Coc, Toad Garden, beside the Metropole Hotel Hanoi and served by the owner who driving, preparation and serving. The Mobile bar Cafe has also serving in the festivals and events in Hanoi. Price for each cup of coffee on
the Mobile Bar Cafe is 25 thousand Vietnam Dong, this is the general level of prices for each cup of coffee sold at the Heritage Classic Car Cafe which owned by Heri Tran.

If you have the demand both enjoy coffee and experience Old Town of Hanoi, Heri Tran also meet the needs of this and you just sit in the car listening to music, enjoy coffee while traveling around the Hoan Kiem lake and some of the main streets of Hanoi's Old Quarter at a price of two million Vietnam Dong per hour.

Although the first day of operation, but Heri Tran has received positive supports of people at all ages


A lovely woman was exciting the Mobile Bar Cafe


The excitement of the young


Customers are not just drink, but relaxing

Teenage customers
We hope that
our efforts and passions we expect to bring joy to people, especially convey a positive message to the community and visitors.

Heri Tran - Living for tomorrow!

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Customer comments
Very admired a car lover loves cars more than loves himself. I am a OTK ...
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Heri Tran Mobile Bar broascated by VTC
Heri Tran Mobile Bar broascated by VTC

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