Heri Tran collaborative culture building space
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Heri Tran collaborative in culture building space
Recently, Heri Tran was invited by Hanoi Entertainment Services JSC. (HASECO) to build a cultural space that provide cultural services with food and drink at West Lake Park (Cong vien Ho Tay)
The cooperation is based on visions, strategies development, as well as expected and business activities of the parties in order to bring positive values ​​to be based on community culture.

The partnership will not only bring practical results of the business activities of the parties that is the foundation to build a cultural destination combining relaxation, entertainment, the services provided location quality beyond customer expectations.

With a total area of ​​approximately 800m2 in the New Solar Park (Cong vien Mat Troi Moi) is located on the campus of the West Lake Park, opposite Gara Auto Van Tan II, where it will be designed as a mansion, outside surrounded by trees , fountain, relaxation areas and highlighted by the classic cars ...

The inner space as the lobby of a hotel is the place to display some of the artifacts, exhibitions serve visitors, and the demand for filming and taking pictures. In addition, the room will be functional and attractive places to attract the attention of visitors.

Once completed, the space will be truly special place, it gives visitors the unique wonderful feeling when sitting under the steel beam to the scenic West Lake surrounded by fragrant lotus pond, with friends and relatives to enjoy romantic moments, but sometimes brings thrills ...

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Heri Tran Mobile Bar broascated by VTC
Heri Tran Mobile Bar broascated by VTC

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