Surprising Lunch was only happened at HeriTran Garden
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A Surprising Lunch at HeriTran Garden
Hi every one, Welcome Home! Starting some words in front of about thirty to forty people who came from different countries, locations, different jobs, different hobbies, and different health situations. Heri Tran, the classic car collector said.

I still remember last three years, Marc, Luyen, Matthias Meyer and other two peolpe came to our former address at 545 Lac Long Quan where the classic cars were displaying along the street... That was the first time we met. Last night was the second time Marc, Luyen and I met gain and we were talking about something interesting relating to ours mission, goals and objectives... and today is the third time that we all meet again, but we are all seem to be as a family even this may be the first time some one who we meet. I would like to thank you all of you for your coming here today and hope you will enjoy during here as your family... Heri Tran added.

Marc and Luyen

Howard Taylor, Marc, Matthias Meyer from left to right

Hoa has got blind, but

It does not mean she can not see anything. She is always smiling as a fresh flower

It was cold and raining out side, but

It does not affect to the event that we made

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerely thanks to all of you, my friends who had made this happened. We are expecting with ours efforts, and your partipations and contributions, we will togehter contribute the positive aspects to the communities.

Heri Tran, Living for Tomorrow
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Very admired a car lover loves cars more than loves himself. I am a OTK ...
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